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A Walk On The Bridge

When Abigail Williams, 13 and Liberty German, 14 go for a walk in the woods of Delphi, Indiana a series of events are kicked off that, over the next 20 hours, will set off a massive search and send families into panic. 


The Day Delphi Changed

As the search for Abby Williams and Libby German ends at a crime scene, the reality of what’s happened is worse than anyone could have imagined. A massive law enforcement presence arrives, and a double murder investigation begins.  


A Picture &
A Search Warrant

As the investigation forges ahead, two pictures emerge from the day of the murders: one of Abby on the bridge, taken shortly before the crime, and another of an unidentified man on the bridge, who police say they’d like to talk to. All while law enforcement swarms a property outside of town. 


Three Words

More than a week after the murders, police hold a news conference that offers up new information and new evidence. But information designed to help, only deepens the mystery of what happened, and spooks everyone.  



In February 2017, Robert Ives was the prosecuting attorney in Carroll County, Indiana. His perspective at the crime scene and understanding of what happened casts some brand new light on the murders of Abby and Libby.


A Walk In The Woods

To get a better understanding of what happened that day, the team goes to Delphi to walk the trail, stand at the bridge, and meet a traumatized town.



When a sketch of a suspect is released, conspiracy theories spread. The families, looking for an arrest, take their case to the national media. As the investigation goes quiet, the noise of speculation grows louder.  


A New Direction

For the first time in nearly two years, police release information about their investigation. It will change everything in the search for the Delphi killer. It will also leave the families and residents of Delphi looking over their shoulders.  


Three Februaries

Three years removed from the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German, the team travels back to Delphi for new conversations, new questions and their own thoughts about what happened out there that day.


Four Years

Nearly four years after the murders of Abby & Libby, HLN returns to Delphi with new questions and learns new exclusive information about the video on Libby’s phone, and new information about the case’s path forward. 



A major update in the investigation. Richard M. Allen has been arrested and charged with murder. Barbara, Andrew and Dan are in Delphi with what we know, what we don’t know and what comes next 





Hawaii-born and raised, Barbara MacDonald is an Atlanta-based producer for HLN TV. She’s worked in television news for more than 25 years, as news anchor, reporter, and producer. Driven by a passion for true crime and unsolved mysteries, Barbara has been researching and writing about The Delphi Murders for almost three years.  She has traveled to Delphi, Indiana numerous times and has developed relationships with the families of Abby and Libby, and the community.



Dan Szematowicz produces podcasts for WarnerMedia’s brands, including TNT, Bleacher Report, TruTV and HLN. The recipient of multiple Edward R Murrow awards, he previously produced audio stories for American Public Media, NPR and CNN. He’s worked in podcasting and radio since 2003. Outside of work, Dan plays music, poker and with his dogs.



A native of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Andrew Iden is an Atlanta-based writer and content producer for CNN/HLN.  As a producer for both Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield, Andrew has covered numerous trials and cases in the law and crime community from the trials of Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias to the parole hearing and subsequent release of OJ Simpson. He’s also worked as a CNN assignment editor, a digital content strategist with J Walter Thompson advertising, and produces his own podcast, The 2180, about the men and women who hike the iconic Appalachian Trail. He’s also produced his own digital feature about baseball in Virginia and a short documentary about bluegrass music in North Georgia.



Suvo Sur is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Washington, DC. His soundtrack work has been featured in films selected to Hot Docs, Austin Film Festival, Mountainfilm, Lone Star Film Festival, Filmfest DC, and many other film festivals across the globe. Suvo's latest project, "Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait" (1922 Films) is currently on its festival run and won the 2019 Audience Award at the Austin Film Festival. His passion in life is to tell compelling stories through meaningful & emotional music.